Entities of System Monitor missing at overview

Hi folks.

Got HA running on RPi3 with system monitoring out of the box. Switched to x86 (j4105) in November 2023 and found the important entities working.

After upgrading to 2024.1.x The entities disappear from overview. Didn’t mind first and looked for it today. Found the entities commented out in configuration.yaml and discovered the integration “System Monitor” showing me 1328 disabled entities…

Deleted and installed the System Monitor again and it looks fine: 77 disabled entities. The device is assigned to new zone “HA-Host”. Then I enabled the needed entitites in the integration. They all show values.

But the entites doesn’t appear in the overview or any other dashboard with automatic elements.
If I use ‘add to dashbord’ in the integration settings the entities show up perfectly on manual configured dashboards.

Never touched the settings of ‘overview’ before. Now I’ve already played around with show/hide zones, hide entities without zone and so on. Nothing helps.

What to do to get the entities or card show up on ‘overview’?
Any Ideas?

Same to me