Entity Attributes vs Entity ID

Where does one find how an Entity Attribute (a value obtained from a thermostat - as shown under Developer Tools / States) is mapped or assigned to an Entity ID (as shown under Settings / Devices & Services / Entities)?

Reason I ask is that I’m seeing two supposedly different Entity IDs:

  • sensor.thermostat_thermostat_temperature
  • sensor.thermostat_space_temperature

Besides the above two Entity IDs, I’m only seeing the following listed for trending under History:

  • Thermostat current temperature

All three of these seem to be exactly the same as they trend on top of one another.
I’d like to see how they’re connected and get down to one variable for this parameter.

Attributes belong to entities, and each attribute only belongs to one entity - the one you see against it in Developer tools → States. Multiple entities may have identically named attributes.

An integration may create multiple entities, and those entities may share data. That may mean you have two entities with some attributes that are identical.

in addition to the response above - Thermostat current temperature might be the friendly name of one of those entities - and not a separate thing at all.

Being rather new to HA and still on the steep part of the learning curve, how does one chase an entity like sensor.thermostat_thermostat_temperature back to it’s source?

Find the entity in either Developer Tools → States or Settings → Devices → Entities and click on the (i) icon next to it (in States) or the entity (in Entities). Then select Related and you’ll see a link to the device.

Thanks Tinkerer. Following your instructions, got to this list:


Under Developer Tools / States I’m seeing this list:


Where do I find how the thermostat entities from the second list are assigned to the Related Entities of the first list? I’d like to be able to see what thermostat entities are assigned to:

  • sensor.thermostat_thermostat_temperature
  • sensor.thermostat_space_temperature

to be able to use them properly in HA.

Ummm, those two things are entities. They’re not “assigned” to anything.

They’re (probably) part of the device, based on the first image you shared.

I’d be willing to hazard a guess that sensor.thermostat_thermostat_temperature is the temperature that the thermostat is set to, and sensor.thermostat_space_temperature is the actual recorded temperature.

Yes, exactly, and the entities are assigned the value of the variables obtained by querying the thermostat.

I’ll dig into the Venstar integration to find the code that assigns the Venstar’s current_temperature to HA’s sensor.thermostat_space_temperature and post the results here.