Entity Card // display content from other entity card // node red entities

dear fellows,

briefly about my setup:

I run home assistant on a pi4 with node red + a pi zero w with only node red on.
The pi zero w steers a 8 valve block & 15 bar pump to water my balcony plants.

On home assistant / on the node red running I created multiple “home assistant entities” to configure settings via 2 Entity Cards in the UI. I struggle to now display the content from some entities on the other UI with the other entity card. Any hints how I could do this and make it look professional?

Ui 1 = setting for water timing aka how long the valves 1-8 open
Ui 2 = setting for what is connected to valve 1-8

I like to display the content connected e.g. tomato above/with the valve timing input.

Thanks a lot in advance.


In this entity card I like to display the content I collect with the entity card below:

type: entities
  - entity: switch.watering_on_off
    icon: mdi:watering-can
    name: Ein/Aus
  - entity: time.nodered_37d7352d552f4338
    icon: mdi:clock-start
    name: Startzeit
  - entity: number.ventil_8_timer
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 8
  - entity: number.ventil_7_timer
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 7
  - entity: number.valve_6_timer_input
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 6
  - entity: number.valve_5_timer_input
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 5
  - entity: number.valve_4_timer_input
    name: Nr. 4
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
  - entity: number.valve_3_timer_input
    name: Nr. 3
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
  - entity: number.valve_2_timer_input
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 2
  - entity: number.valve_1_timer_input
    icon: mdi:pipe-valve
    name: Nr. 1
  - type: section
    label: Boost Steuerung
  - entity: select.valve_single_boost_select_input
    icon: mdi:format-list-checks
    name: Ventilauswahl
    secondary_info: Test
  - entity: number.valve_single_boost_timer_input
    icon: mdi:av-timer
    name: Laufzeit
  - entity: button.valve_single_boost_start
    icon: invis
    secondary_info: last-changed
    name: ' '
title: Bewässerung Off223
theme: ios-dark-mode-blue-red

The content I like to display gets collected in this entity card:

type: entities
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_8
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_7
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_6
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_5
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_4
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_3
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_2
  - entity: text.inhalt_anschluss_ventil_1
title: Konfiguration Bewässerung