Entity could not be found in cache for entity_id: input_boolean

Hi, I have 2 helpers defined in homeassistant. Both “toggle switches”. I use to control views in homeassistant (conditional) and to control flows in node red.

All works fine to begin with!

But I always get these error when starting up node red or when (deploying) my flows. I use “full deploy” (because when I use partial it sometimes hangs node red (!) - flows are not fired anymore until I do full deploy).

But since I have 2 of these helpers in MANY flow (to prevent them from working when I have toggled it on (e.g. holiday switch) I get these type of errors:

How can I get rid of these?

This is on:

Sorry for resurrecting this. Ever find out why this was happening?

No, it’s still there. Seems to have to do with not loaded yet after restart or so.