Entity Details as Condition for Execution?

I’ll leave out the gory details of why and just include the what (which I am NOT changing): I have three thermostats that are paired via ZWave with my Vera controller. I have enabled the Vera integration in HA so that I can view and control them as Entities.

When I had WiFi thermostats directly integrated via the Honeywell service, I could do conditional execution of temperature changes based on whether the thermostat was in a particular mode. For example: If the thermostat was set to “Heat”, I could lower the temp at night to a specific setting which would NOT happen if it were in “Cool” mode.

I don’t seem to have the ability to query the Mode setting of an Entity like this and I’m wondering if I’m just missing something, or if there’s a better way to handle the situation so that I can make specific temp changes to the thermostats based on whether I’m heating, cooling, or Off (no temp changes).

What kind of entities?

If they are no longer represented as climate entities in Home Assistant, what kind of entities are now used to represent them? Perhaps several sensor entities and a switch?

Each one shows as a single entity… climate.

I can see set temp, air temp, mode, and fan speed on the card, but I do not see an option to access the “mode” when creating a conditional execution in the automation.

To be more specific… I seem to be able to access “Fan Mode” and various temp settings but can not see Heat/Cool/Off operating mode.

  • Go to Developer Tools > States
  • Find one of the three climate entities
  • Look in the Attributes column
  • Take note of the values displayed in the attributes you want.

For example, this is what I see:

fan_mode is currently reporting auto.

When you create a State Condition in the Automation Editor, pick fan_mode for the attribute and then simply type the value you want, such as auto, on, off, etc, in the field that currently has no dropdown list.

The Dev Tools showed more details, but I didn’t follow the part about “State Creation” that you added.

I had previously been attempting to adapt existing automations by adding new conditional executions and removing old ones and it wasn’t working. I created all new automations and found that I -could- see the operating mode albeit in a different drop-down than where I had been expecting to see it.

In other words, I think I have what I need at this point so that I can use the automations within HA to accomplish the sort of control I had previously when I had Devices available to work off of.