Entity/Device reports as Celsius but numbers are actually Fahrenheit?

Hi all,

My Home Assistant configuration is configured universally to default to Celsius. All good there, and all devices are working well. HOWEVER, my smart-Oven shows Celsius but the numbers are actually Fahrenheit! Does anyone know how to fix this? See attached screenshot, the Celsius label is correct but the numbers are actually Fahrenheit.

All my software and firmware is up to date. My oven and it’s smart app are all configured for Celsius.

See solution here shown below

Thanks so much for the reply. My oven isn’t Z-Wave etc however.

Perhaps you can alter the ‘Unit Of Measurement’ for the entity. For my temp entities i can make that edit via the UI.

Thanks Nick, that option doesn’t seem to be there. It is a little strange that the entity thinks it is a water heater. Weirdly, the other sensor associated with the oven shows the temperature as correct!