Entity Filter Card based on Statue

I want to show only security sensors that are currently Opened

Heres what I have, but it doesn’t display anything (even when testing in the Closed state)

type: entity-filter
title: Doors and Windows Currently Open
show_header_toggle: false
  - binary_sensor.back_door_door
  - binary_sensor.deck_door_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.front_door_door
  - binary_sensor.back_door_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.deck_door_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.downstrs_bath_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.kitchen_windo_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.laundry_wind_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.lt_grge_door_entry_door
  - binary_sensor.office_window_entry_doors
  - Closed
show_empty: true

If you look at those entities in developer tools, you will see the state is either on or off. Closed is shown in the UI, but that is a translation. For me in Dutch it would say Gesloten. So if you change the state filter to on (for open), it will most likely work as expected.

Thanks Edwin

Setting the state_filter to ‘on’ did the trick

  - 'on'
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Would you know how to change the display name for some of these entities using the code above?

Found out how to do it

type: entity-filter
  - entity: binary_sensor.front_door_door
    name: Front Door