Entity Filter Card Configuration

I have an Entity Filter card with many entities. Among them is this (which works):

  - entity: lock.mudroom
      - unlocked

However, I want to display this only from 11PM to 10AM, with a binary_sensor such as:

  - platform: tod
    name: Night
    after: "22:00"
    before: "10:00"

I cannot find how to do this anywhere. Is there a way?


use a conditional card as a wrapper for the entity filter.

Thank you! In this case, do the conditions in the condition card apply to all the entities in the entity filter card? I only want the “night” condition to apply to the lock.mudroom entity.

Could you point me to an example of how to do it?

create two entity filter cards. one for the mudroom with the conditional card and the other for everything else.

Got it! I’ll try it… THANKS!

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