Entity Filter Question

I am building out a Floor Plan for my house.

My question is has any one ever tried to evaluated an RGB lights color and use the css hue-rotate(###deg) to change the color of the lighting effects on the floor plan?

I can make items change based on the on / off state using state_filter. Do I need to create a bunch of helpers? The Documentation on using state filters is not very good and I am having a hard time following along.

Using something like this below work:

- entity: light.wled
     type: image
     title: Master WLED Overlay
       action: none
       action: none
     image: /local/images/FloorPlan/Master WLED.png
       left: 50%
       top: 50%
       width: 100%
       'on': hue-rotate(45deg)
       'off': hue-rotate(250deg)

But is not exactly what I want to do. I woudl really like to evaluate the brightness of the light and change the Opacity Filter and evaluate the RGB color or HS Color to Adjust the Hue Rotate.

Master Green

Did you ever figure this out ?