Entity Icon color & custom icon color based on state (customise icon_color)

The andrey-git custom ui icon_color template has ceased to function with V88

There is an issue opened on github


Any chance the icon_color option can be added as a customisable entry native into HA?

custom-button-card does this. I agree it should be in the core entity-button though. I think it eventually will be…


I’m just talking entity Icon colour, so you could change icon colour from the default, or based on state value. For example on a sensor entity icon.

sure but that custom button does that. It’s actually the only reason I use that instead of the core button so an input boolean I have shows a different colour when it’s switched on.

Mmm. But why complicate things by displaying a sensor and it’s value as a button?
For example. Temperature icon to display yellow when above 26. Then display red when above 27.

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Well here’s an example of how I use it here:

          - type: horizontal-stack
              - type: entity-button
                entity: switch.sonoff51083
                  action: call-service
                  service: switch.turn_on
                    entity_id: switch.sonoff51083
              - type: entity-button
                entity: switch.sonoff63719
                  action: call-service
                  service: switch.turn_on
                    entity_id: switch.sonoff63719
              - type: custom:button-card
                entity: input_boolean.alarmgaragedoor
                icon: mdi:security
                color_type: icon
                color: var(--secondary-text-color)            # rgb(251, 210, 41)
                color_off: var(--paper-item-icon-color)       # rgb(54, 95, 140)
                name: Exit-Enter
                show_state: false
                action: service
                  domain: input_boolean
                  action: toggle
                    entity_id: input_boolean.alarmgaragedoor

So it’s a horizontal-stack with 3 buttons. The first 2 buttons are the core button and when I tap it it changes to yellow (on)
If you do that with an input boolean, it does not change colour and show the state.
Using the custom button it does.

and on:

If you have a better way of doing this I’m all ears.
Note also the entity displayed can be totally different to the entity in the action… That button can do a lot more but it’s the only way of doing what I want that I know of. As I say, I’m open to better ways…

I too use the custom button to display different colour depending on state. For switches for example where the button toggles between on and off state. Yellow for on, grey for off. I’m talking about sensors which serve no purpose being a button per say

But it doesn’t have to have an action even if it’s a button… it could just display the state as a colour… I’m not following what you are after I guess.

ok, lets see if i can explain

I display an “entities” card in lovelace which contains sensors (not switchable entities that would require a button)

for example

 -  type: entities
    title: Solar & Elec
    show_header_toggle: false
      - sensor.modbus_sb_pv_production
      - sensor.mqtt_sm_grid_feed_in
      - sensor.mqtt_calcfin_feed_earn_per_hour_elec
      - sensor.mqtt_sm_purchased_electricity
      - sensor.mqtt_calcfin_consumption_cost_per_hour_elec
      - sensor.mqtt_calcfin_consumption_elec


I’d like to colour these entity icons according to their state.

with custom ui loaded (prior to ver 88 when it stopped functioning), i can add the following to my entity entry in my customize.yaml

  friendly_name: PV Generation
    theme: >
    icon: mdi:flash-circle
    icon_color: >
      if (state > 500) return 'rgb(0,255,0)';
      if (state > 300) return 'rgb(0,0,255)';
      if (state > 150) return 'rgb(255,255,0)';
      if (state < 150) return 'rgb(120,120,120)';

defning the icon used (in this case mdi:flash-circle)
and the icon color

for example if i wanted to make the entity icon a static red it would be

  icon_color: red

or in the above example, ‘rgb(0,255,0)’ or green for above a value of 500
or ‘rgb(0,0,255)’ blue if above 300 etc

Correct me if im wrong, In themes you can change the icon color across the board, but not on a per entity basis

Andrey who wrote custom ui seems to be off the air, but for me the ability to customise an icon color of an entity would be a nice core feature to have without having to rely on a custom element and its associated administration


So I seem to remember doing that with entity pictures that I changed with the state… kludgey though…

Thanks for explaining what you meant. I see what you mean now and agree this is useful.

Agree. Seems like an essential feature in a fully customizable UI.


My work around this problem is to use multiple SVG images of different colors for each state and call them using similar code that you use for the color template. Hope it helps cheers

So to use multiple svg icons in different colors I would need 24 different icons for my 6 sensors shown in my solar example above. I get it, but seems like a lot of backend coloured icons required for this solar example above.

I used to have with custom ui the ability to state change icon color for a.c., countdown timers, fuel price, transport time to arrive, Solar etc. I can see I would pretty quickly need 100s of icons and their associated colors

If and when custom ui is updated to function with v88 and above, I’d be fine with continuing to use. However it seems that having the ability to at least change and define the colour an icon from the default in the Lovelace ui, or at the entity customisation level seems like a nice option to have

I know i use to do it that way but since it broke i reverted to my work around anyway i use animated svg already to enhance the visibility of active states so for me the change was little

I also have custom-ui and 0.88.1 and I use this in customize

        hs_color: >
          if (state === 'Open') return [0,100,50];
          return [120,100,19];

This works for me


Is that now built in to HA or are you still using Custom-UI to get that effect?

Still using custom ui.

which is rather remarkable, since before icon_color was introduced, rgb_color was used, (suppose hs_color too) but that has been replaced.
That this would work now is surprising to say the least (though very welcome indeed).

My interface would be nowhere without icon_color templates, so my main setup is still on 84.3…

@ Mariusthvdb

yes this is remarkable as i remember a discussion about a year ago about not using hs_color in favour of rgb when using icon_color with custom ui (you’re name rings a bell to me on this one)

I can confirm however this is functioning using hs_color, although choosing a hs color value is frought with a bit of complexity

the best guess i can see is that this uses HSB HSV value which i found a color picker from here


much easier defining rgb values

custom ui version i am using is 20190113
and Hass 88.2

for example

    hs_color: >
      if (state > 2500) return [0,100,100];
      else if (state > 1500) return [60,100,100];
      else if (state > 1000) return [240,100,100];
      else if (state > 200) return [120,100,50];
      else return [120,100,20];