Entity IDs, new devices

It has been a while since I’ve added a new zwave device and I’m experiencing some challenges around entity naming.

So- I added a device (Zooz dimmer) via the zwave configuration panel. It came in perfectly. I renamed the node within the zwave configuration panel, restarted hass, and the name has changed appropriately within the zwave configuration menus.

However, in the device states developer menu, the device entity name is a generic name (light.level_2). I wanted to add the device to a group and referencing it via the “old_entity_id” (light.front_entry_lights_level_11_0 in my example) or the “new_entity_id” value ( light.front_entry_lights_level) doesn’t work. The only way it shows up is using the dev states entity id (light.level_2 in this instance)

I thought HASS would see the new zwave node name and use it? Do I also have to manually change the HASS entity ID? If so, how?

Edit: Running Hassio (Home Assistant 0.64.3)

I just ran into the same issue today. Running Hassio 64.2, added a new micro switch. It shows up and I was able to change the name through the zwave panel. Under device states it just shows as switch.switch.

I last added a device a couple months ago, not sure if this was an intentional change or not.

Try add .bak to the end of entity_registry.yaml. It should recreate it again with the new entity.

If regenerating the entity_registry.yaml doesn’t work, you can manually edit it. Just replace light.level_2 with light.front_entry_lights_level or whatever you feel like.

This worked (@matust method)

Is this WAD (Working as Designed?) . This behavior seems different than what I remember previously.

I don’t think so. The entity registry is pretty new so I guess they are still ironing out the bugs

Since I have done the update been having nodes renamed and being reset for zwave, this is not good.

Hi I came across the same issue with one difference: the Initial zwave device name was empty. Only after a restart zwave showed the correct Initial name. Renaming with the procedure above worked. Two restarts for one device is quite a hassle…

I did just that. Renaming the names of the entities in the entity_registry.yaml and reboot.

I’ve opened an issue to track this: