Entity Images - Changing

I had a number of .png files associated with entities, but, when I’ve changed these images in the www folder the entity still displays the old image in lovelace.

I’m assuming HA embeds the image but, I deleted the original images and replaced them using the same file name.

How then do I change an entity image successfully?

Probably the old images are cached in your browser. Try Ctrl+F5 (or whatever is appropriate for your browser to refresh the page without using cached files.)


The old images are still showing up in the companion app as well though. I force closed the companion app and reopened it but the old images still appear. Same when I check HA in a browser after clearing cache.

I tried overwriting the images in the folder first which didn’t work so then deleted the old ones and uploaded the new ones instead.

I’ve double and triple checked and definitely the new images are the only ones in the folder.

Hmm, that’s weird. Did you try restarting HA? Not sure that should be necessary, but probably can’t hurt.

Might not be equivalent to your situation, and I’m running quite an old version of HA (form early 2021), but I just changed an image file in my www folder I’m using for a legacy device tracker (i.e., referenced in known_devices.yaml) and the image updated in my browser after a simple (F5) refresh.