Entity List nearly empty, showing different entries from time to time

Home Assistant 2023.1.0 (had this probem with 2022.12 and before as well)
Node Red 14.0.1
HaOS all on same VM (proxmox) with official add on.

When I want to edit existing nodes or create a new node, the dropdown usually shows all entities from Home Assistant. However, since a couple of weeks, the dropdown shows no entities at all,

or only a couple of entries

sometimes up to maybe 20, but way too less.

I rebooted the system often, restarted the plugin way too often.

log_level:trace in the plugin shows nothing but

8 Jan 02:11:05 - [trace] comms.open wI10ulbimoyNIeK(…)uOqqwZrbQ=
8 Jan 02:11:05 - [trace] comms.close wI10ulbimoyNIeK(…)uOqqwZrbQ=

whenever I edit the nodes.