Entity names of Fibaro devices

Just moved to using the Fibaro integration in Home Assistant instead of my own Python REST API-integration and all works fine, just a few inconveniences that maybe could be fixed?

  1. The entities are created with names like {devicetype}.{room}{fibarodevicefriendlyname}{fibaro_id} and that to me adds to much information in the entity name. I would prefer something shorter and without any room or devicefriendlyname in it, and since all fibaro devices have their own unique id why not just use that, maybe with an addition of the fibaro type of device (like window sensor, motion sensor etc). Maybe the best option in home assitant would be some options to the setup like: roomname: true, devicename: false and let the entity create function use those options?
  2. Also I would appreciate an option to set number of decimal places of the entities of the sensor values somehow. Today everything has 2 decimals and to me that is too precise when it is temperature values.

What are you using for a frontend ?
states or loverlace ?
I use lovelace in Yaml mode, so I can go to unused entities (there are other routes for other options), peruse the z-wave devices when I add them and rename that (this is entity id AND friendly name (applies to all following also). Then I look for the switch/light and rename that, then for the inumerable sensors that fibaro throws at you (Also be aware that sometimes additional sensors show up after a week - month. These are usually ‘prevvious reading’ sensors that take that long to be populated.
I believe (not had a new entity since so can’t test/say for certain) that with HA 0.100+ when you rename the root device (I think the z-wave device component) all the sub elements get named similarly, e.g. x_kwh, x_switch2 etc.
Set them as you wish.
The sensor values and decimal places are as you get them, but you can set up additional sensors via sensor_template and you can multiple the value by 2.71862, add 23.9 or just control the displayed number of decimals. look up sensor_template

Thanks. I use Yaml and also CCH so I first could not find the unused entities because the menu wasnt there. But it was an easy fix once I understood that that was the problem. I think I found what you are suggesting also in the entities section so I can manage to rename them all there manually, (but it’s a lot of work and I’d really like to have it done automatically). Looking forward to get the few missing sensors come over as “additional” as you say. The only difference to them versus the ones I got is that they are low on battery (still showing in the HC2 GUI though). I’ll wait and see, they are not very important.
None of the “The Button” devices in HC2 was found, but that is maybe because that device type is not supported. I can manage that integration in my old python setup.

Also the Template suggestion is brilliant in it’s simplicity. It never struck me to just set up a duplicate sensor as a workaround but now I have and they work.

Yeah, the renaming is a ball ache.
I have renaming notes in a text file for each device I have set up, so when I come to a new device I just cut and paste into the appropriate spot, then change the XXX or xxx to whatever it needs to be to make it identifyable. (The XXX is for the friendly name (can be longer and contain capitals) the xxx is for the entity_id (maintaining the domain, is all lower case and no spaces). Takes me about 3 mins per device (Once I have the first one sorted).
Hope that helps.
Is this solved for you now ?

The immediate “problems” for me were solved by putting in a number of hours this weekend, I managed to make a few mistakes also in the manual workaround process so had to redo stuff. Think everything is working now.

But, my intention with the posting was to suggest a better solution in the first place so that everybody could avoid this workaround. The main problem is the naming of the devices with all having current room information in the name. The Template sensor thing helped the lesser problem with the decimals.

Yeah, I appreciate that, and they are working on it but it may take some time.
You will need to have a working system in the meantime so …
Good luck


Regarding naming, I’d end up copy-pasting the names anyhow, so I tried to make them more human readable. I have a working HC2 setup, so I have named the rooms, devices, etc. Not having to figure out what device 212 is, but seeing that it’s the kitchen led lights is a huge help for me. But I do get your point, we’re all using it differently.
Regarding decimals, I pass on data to HA as floating point numbers, so the number of decimal places is really up to the frontend, I think. I would prefer not to reduce accuracy on data received. Maybe it should be a general HA config, not integration specific?

Hi there, just found your post. I have a running Fibaro HC2 System, and it works really good. At the moment im trying to integrate Fibaro HC2 into HA. If i integrate a roller shutter, is it really necessary to but every single function in an extra entity to use it and to show it in HA? As you can see at the picture i can control it, but get only one entity.

thanks for your help