Entity not available to select as an action in an automation

Hi all.

I am trying to build an automation that will start my car charging when we are feeding 2.5kw or more back the grid.

I have managed to set the automation to only do this when the cable is plugged in and set it to reduce the cars draw to 2kw.

I have created an opposite automation to turn off charging and return the charging rate to full when feed in drops below 2.5kw.

My issue is when I try and add in another action which is to change the max battery level from 80% to 100%. I want this because if my battery is already at 80%, the car will not charge but if there is some free charge to be had, I want the automation to change the maximum level to 100%.

There is a sensor within the Skoda integration calledsensor.enyaq_minimum_charge_level but it is not selectable in the action section of an automation.

Not sure where I am going wrong but here is the yaml for the current automation, without the changing to 100% level.

The bits in CAPS are not in the automation, that’s just there to show you what it actually is in that part as in reality it just shows letters and numbers which will mean nothing to you.

alias: Skoda Charger on over 2.5kwh feed in
description: reduce rate to 2kwh when plugged in and charge
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.smart_meter_electricity_energy_export
    above: 2.5
  - type: is_plugged_in
    condition: device
    device_id: *************
    entity_id: CHARGER CABLE
    domain: binary_sensor
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: ***************
    domain: switch
  - parallel:
      - type: turn_on
        device_id: ***************
        entity_id: BATTERY CHARGING
        domain: switch
mode: single

Thanks in advance

There are no Actions that can be performed on sensor entities. Integrations normally provide one or both of the following; entities that allow user interaction like number entities, or custom service calls.

I am not personally familiar with the Skoda integration, but from it’s docs it looks like you should be using a custom service (available by selecting the Call Service action in the dropdown):

      - service: skodaconnect.set_charge_limit