Entity not found for notification

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I’m trying to set up my wife’s phone for notifications.

Under services, the device shows up as notify.mobile_app_*, but sending a notification to it all I get in the log is [homeassistant.components.mobile_app.notify] Requested entity was not found.

I reinstalled the app, but can’t get it to work.

I read through a number of posts, but they all relate to when the companion app was still in beta.

Did you give the app notification permissions on your phone (check the phone settings / notifications ).

Yes, it has all the permissions. In the companion app, there is a push ID too, so it is registered.

There are two devices: mine (notify.mobile_app_a) and my wife’s (notify.mobile_app_b). The Lovelace UI autocompletes those names under the services tab (on the config page) so clearly it knows about both. The notifications to my device (notify.mobile_app_a) work just fine.

I should’ve perhaps clarified that the log I referred to is the HA server log and not the companion app’s log.

The problem was that my device showed up twice and my wife’s 4 times in the new entity registry. Removing the duplicates resolved the problem.

I came across other posts about duplicate devices and the advice was to remove them, but I struggled to do this from Lovelace. I then realised there are two pages and only one of them has the delete option: You can only delete devices by going to config > integrations and not config > devices (which was were I tried to find the option intuitively). I hope this helps someone else.