Entity not responding after entity_id change

I set up my first z-wave cover last night and it was all going great. The z-wave module created a cover entity with position control, a cover entity with only open and close control and a switch entity with open and close functions.

They were all working great until I changed the entity_id of the main cover entity, it’s not responding now. The other cover entity and switch entity work but without the main entity I can’t set a position, only open and close.

Things I know:

  • The entity was working before the name/entity_id change
  • When the entity is set to a position or opened or closed from the ui nothing happens
  • Sending commands from service call panel to that entity also doesn’t work
  • Neither UI or dev panel service calls result in anything in the z-wave log which makes me believe it’s a HA problem and not a Z-wave problem.
  • No errors in zwave log or HA log

Things I’ve tried:

  • Recalibrating the cover controller
  • Restarting HA
  • Updating HA

Does anyone have ideas on what I could try next?

For anyone else having this problem. I excluded the module then included it again.