Entity not showing last update

hi, I’m using temperature sensor in HA and before updating HA to new version, when I click on the sensor it was showing last update. but after updating HA it’s not showing last update. even when I try to use secondary info it’s not showing that.

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.temperature_sensor_10_0
    secondary_info: last-changed

this is the error that shows on the top of the card:

Your config is not supported by the UI editor:
Expected a value of type `{entity,name,icon} | entity-id` for `entities.0.secondary_info` but received `"last-changed"`.
Falling back to YAML editor.

how can I fix this problem?
thanks in advanced

That is not an error, as such.

That is information telling you that the extra entity info you have added (correctly) is not (yet) supported by the graphical user interface editor and you have to edit it using the YAML version presented to you.

Save the card and it should display the secondary info.

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not showing yet :frowning:

Click on the sensor name in the card to get the pop-up more info window. Does it show a graph?

Has it changed at all recently?

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yes it does. sensor updates and displays it in graph.
before updating HA on top of the graph it was showing last update like 1 min ago…

So the graph is changing but you have nothing here:

What sort of sensor is it?

Is it the only sensor that has this problem?

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yes that is my problem
no, all the sensors has this problem
I’m using mysensors (arduino).
it just happened after updating HA to 0.95.4 version

I haven’t done anything… but it’s working now !!
thanks anyway for your help

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Did you refresh the page , CTRL + F5 or restart the browser perhaps?

no, I’ve changed the language to English, when I’m changing back to Persian, it doesn’t display last update. this is a bug!

Report it:

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