Entity_picture on tabs?

I’m trying to clean up my frontend and since I didn’t find a good icon at MDI for a greenhouse I made one myself. Created a www folder and uploaded the file there, then added this to my customize

## group order ##
    order: "1"
    order: "2"
    friendly_name: "Greenhouse"
    entity_picture: /local/greenhouse_600px.png
    order: "3"
    order: "4"

but I don’t get the image on the tab, just the text:
I even tried changing it to just image: but then the order gets wrong etc. I’ve checked and I can access the image using http://home-assistantip/local/greenhouse_600px.png just fine

im new here to

I think if try
type in the address bar type http://you_ha_ipaddress:8123/greenhouse_600px.png that should display the image

thats where i would start

Not sure what you mean, shouldn’t the image be in the www folder?
I’ve read the docs here: https://home-assistant.io/docs/configuration/customizing-devices/ where it tells me to use the /local/image.jpg path. and the post here: Known Devices: Local Picture? says to make a folder named www for the images!

Getting mixed signals tough, in someplaces it says to use entity_picture but in that thread some seems to be using just picture as the command?

You are confusing two things I think, the www dir should be under .homeassistant or for hass.io under config. The local name is what HA uses to shorten the path so that you don’t need the full path, just local instead of /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/www/. Also you are confusing customize and known_devices. Also as far as I know only icon: mdi.your_mdi_icon can be used for groups :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

No then I was right to put the image in the www folder and use the /local/ link.
Yes the example I linked was from known_devices but that’s just because I found that thread when trying to figure out where to put the image. But I think you’re right about not being able to add custom images to groups, should add that to the customization docs.
I’ll add a generic icon for now and use the greenhouse one if it’s approved later!