Entity Pictures as Group Icons

I have several sensors from my Xbox device organized into groups (one group of sensors/binary sensors for each specific friend). Is it possible to have the group icons inherit one of the icons/entity pictures from the sensors it contains?
I’m very new to HA, and am not familiar with how these icons are being generated, but did find a URL reference for each sensor for an entity_picture attribute.

No but you can assign an icon in the group configuration, or override this in the Lovelace entity configuration. The latter can be templated if you use a custom template card.

But an icon cannot be an entity picture, right? So I can only do the customization at the card level, not on the group itself?
Thanks to your second link, I figured out how to set an entity picture for my group as it appears on the entity card using “image”, but this requires me to copy the entity picture URL from one of the group’s sensors (for each group). The only issue I have with this is that the entity pictures are set by the Xbox integration, so if the URL changes, or if any of the images are updated, the lovelace entity configs would need to be manually corrected.
Unless I am missing something from the info you sent. Thanks!

The fold-entity-row custom card ended up doing what I needed for this. I decided not to use groups, and just used this card to “group” my sensors. This allowed me to just use the sensors as-is, so no need for additional setting of entity pictures. Thanks again!