Entity registry missing entities, missing integrations, cant assign areas?

I configure home assistant (0.90.1) using yaml files and when accessing the entity registry from the front end I don’t see 95% of my entities listed. I also see one integration (which I added via the GUI) from the front end which means I cant use the area registry to assign entities to areas.

Is there a way to firstly rebuild the entity registry and secondly how do i get all my integrations to show in the front end so that I can assign areas?

BTW when I click on customization in the front end I see all of my entities

the entity registry only contains entities that get a unique id assigned to them. not all of them do and as far as i know you can’t put in the ones that don’t.

as far as areas are concerned i don’t know how to do that outside of the gui for the entity. you might have to hit up a dev in some way.

There is a dependency chain;

  • To be able to assign to areas you need devices
  • To be able to create devices the component need to support device registry and entities need to have unique ids
  • To support device registry the component need to support config entries