Entity without ID. How to delete?

I have inside the entities an entity i cannot delete as i am answered it has no ID.
How to delete it? More, i cannot find this entity into the ‘core.entity_registry’ file inside ‘.storage’ folder.
It has ‘device_tracker.tx9_pro’ as name.

Did you define it in yaml?

What you mean? I have no entry with that name inside every yaml file…

That was probably a device hooked to your local network and seen by device_tracker. It should have an entry in known_devices.yaml (next to configure.yaml).

Yes, you’re right… deleted from known_devices.yaml and disappeared…

I am having same problem, but I dont have a known_devices.yaml file.

@jmsblah: please dont crosspost.

No clue what that means. I have same problem dude.

There you go dude: Crossposting - Wikipedia

And how does this help those of us with the same problem?