Envisalink 3 & Vista 20P zones "flapping"

Currently have a Vista 20P panel that I have been monitoring using Envisalink 3 for a little over a year now. I have recently been working to integrate it with HA (0.92.2). Everything seems fine with open/close events… until you have multiple zones open (Example, 7 of the first floor windows open), the zones start “flapping”. Attached is a screen print from the log. I have been unsuccessful in finding any information on this besides someone on the Eyezon forums that had the same issue back in 2017 with no resolution posted.

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m seeing the same issue.

Sorry long time to reply, no I didn’t. I had disabled all of my windows for the time being. I recently reenabled to see if anything has changed with recent builds but with winter being here it may be a while before I get to test.

Seeing this same issue with my DSC PC1864 on EVL3. Don’t need multiple zones open to see it either. In node-red flows I have to put a message rate limiter (1 message / 40 seconds) on both the on and off outputs of the state changes in order to compensate for the flapping. The zone flapping does not show on the DSC panel. This happens for multiple sensor types too (push button door jam, magnetic window). I also have glass break & smoke detectors which I have not tested yet.