Envisalink Alarm Status "Unknown"

Hi everyone,

Question regarding my Envisalink integration using a Honeywell panel. I had this set up previously but moved into a new house and trying to get everything back in shape.

Everything is working as expected, EXCEPT it doesn’t seem to be reporting the “Ready”/“Disarmed” state to home assistant. When I setup the alarm card in Lovelace, and the system is unarmed, it reports as “unknown” with a red icon. Looking at the keypad’s attributes, it shows "Ready as “true”.

Conversely, when the alarm is armed, either away (listed as “Armed away”), or stay (listed as “Armed home”, it reports correctly both in the attributes and the lovelace display.

Because the lovelace card shows “unknown”, I am unable to arm the alarm from that card. The card behaves as if the system is armed, despite reporting “unknown”. I can, however disarm it using the card from either other state.

Calling the disarm alarm service from Developer Tools>Services works fine as well. I think if I could modify the code of the alarm card to reflect the actual Ready/Disarmed state name, I could get it to work properly, but having trouble figuring out how to figure out that states’ name.

Hope I explained that adequately. Any advice appreciated.

I’m still having this issue. Bumping and hoping for some visibility.