Envisalink binary sensors not reporting status when alarm is set

On the Envisalink, tied with a Honeywell Vista 20P, is there anyway for it to report events of binary sensors when the alarm is set and a zone is bypassed?

For example, setting to armed_home, you usually want to bypass a motion detector. But, when you do that, any future triggers of the binary sensor of motion detector will no longer be reported to HA. This further gets complicated, when the alarm is triggered. If you have a binary sensor of door1, and door1 goes to an open state (which essentially sets off the alarm), HA has no record of door1 being triggered. All HA knows is that the Envisalink alarm as a whole was triggered, and no way to know which sensor actually set off the alarm.

Any ideas?

This started here: Triggered alarm, display which sensor was tripped

Vista 20P user here! Yep, the panel doesn’t report any bypassed zones in armed mode. So of course you can’t use your motion sensor to fire off some lights while the system is armed.

I use Alarmdecoder and they have an option to emulate a relay board as a workaround and it works great! I setup zones 1-8 (8-16 can be read by the expander messages) as relays 1-8. So when those zones kick I see the relay messages on the alarm panel bus no matter the mode of the alarm. Works great. I’m not sure if your product has something like that.

I modified my Alarmdecoder component and binary sensors to allow me to put the relay address in each zone, then fire off the zone based on if a relay message is received. Been working great for a month or so of testing. I need to go through the whole pull request process and get it incorporated into HA but haven’t dug through how to do the extra steps they require yet. Maybe this weekend.

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