Envisalink - no longer arming since 2024.6

Since upgrading to 2024.6, my Envisalink integration will no longer arm my DSC alarm system. This was working prior to upgrading. The error message I get when trying to call the service “alarm control panel: arm home” is:
Failed to call service alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_home. Arming requires a code but none was given for alarm_control_panel.main_alarm_partition

I have not changed my configuration in several years. It looks as follows:

host: 192.168.X.X
panel_type: DSC
user_name: USERNAME
password: PASSWORD
code: !secret envisalink_code_string
port: 4025
evl_version: 3
keepalive_interval: 60
zonedump_interval: 30
panic_type: Police

Is this a known issue?

See Error message arming blink: Arming requires a code · Issue #118882 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Thank you!

unfortunately - this does not work around the issue.

code_arm_required: false does not work with (it’s not recognized by the envisalink integration.

While it works for Blink - until the envisalink integration (which hasnt seen love in a LONG time (still doesn’t generate Unique IDs)

Someone also suggested this:

But that won’t work either because Envisalink has not updated to create Unique IDs so you cannot access it’s settings in the UI:

Therefore, neither is a valid workaround for Envisalink… "yep she very broke - I have to rollback to .0 - at least I can arm the alarm - right now I cannot.

I’d log a bug specifically against the Envisalink integration in Core

Also maybe we merge threads here: