Envisalink/Vista Alarm Integration Disconnecting/Reconnecting


I wanted to get input on what the issue could be with the Envisalink disconnecting/reconnecting from HA around every 20-30 minutes. Here’s what a partial snapshot of my configuration file looks like:

host: (I have the Envisalink IP here)
panel_type: HONEYWELL
user_name: !secret envisalink_username
password: !secret envisalink.password
port: 4025
evl_version: 3
keepalive_interval: 30
zonedump_interval: 30
timeout: 10
panic_type: Police
(the rest I left out, as it’s just the partition and zones)

I lowered the keepalive_interval down a bit, thinking this might help, but it continues the disconnect/reconnect cycle. Here’s the log (not sure if the last couple lines are linked to this or not):

The server closed the connection. Reconnecting…

8:27:09 PM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pyenvisalink/envisalink_base_client.py


8:09:35 PM – (WARNING) /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pylutron_caseta/smartbridge.py

Could not establish a connection with the Envisalink- retrying

8:09:34 PM – (ERROR) Envisalink

Unable to connect to envisalink. Reconnecting…

8:09:34 PM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pyenvisalink/envisalink_base_client.py

Failed to setup listener for fe80::42:99ff:fedd:1db2: [Errno -2] Name does not resolve

8:09:32 PM – (WARNING) Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) - message first occurred at 8:09:32 PM and shows up 2 times

Any help with this would be appreciated.

P.S. I came from Smartthings and used the Envisalink over there with absolutely no disconnects/reconnects, so I do not believe it’s a hardware issue. Also, in the log above, it mentions the Lutron shades I have, which is separate, but seems to be happening around the same time.


I’ve tried everything I can think of (static ip/dynamic IP, changing HA versions, changing the above settings, etc.) and still getting these disconnects (time period varies,) regardless. I’m thinking possibly it’s happening to more people, but unless you look at your logs or have your TPI notifications on (Envisalink) you may not even know, as the period between disconnect/re-connect is 3 minutes.)

If anyone has a solution to this, I’d really appreciate it, as I’m thinking Envisalink simply isn’t going to work for me on HA.

I have same problem as you… did you find any workaround??

At some point, I just disconnected it from HA.

Dealing with these issues now. I got HA to connect to the TPI port on Envisalink by unplugging the ethernet cable. I had wifi enabled and ethernet. Now I’m dealing with no UI components for Envisalink, whatsoever, despite no errors, having all of the config parameters set, and a visible connection to the TPI port.