Eon Smart Meter DE

Hello, I would like to integrate the smart meter of Eon Germany. There is already an integration of Pure Energy that recognises the smart meter. I would estimate the eon setup is not that different, but it’s just an estimation :wink: The smart meter is working with Net2grid hardware: smart meter SRLR4302 & bridge SPLR4911

In the future we would creating support for this via the pure energy meter integration, but the API is closed with the new devices and firmware and we are looking at whether we can do something about it.

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Hi, is there any news about the project yet? I am also interested in the integration of the energy meter in Home Assistant. Would a direct connection of the reading head for the electricity meter via USB to Home Assistant bring anything?

Thanks for your work!

I just want to second this. Integration of the eon smartcontrol pure energie meter would be very much appreciated. Happy to help if possible.

I’m very much looking forward to this, too.