EPShome GPS component does not compile if used as in documentation

If GPS component is declared as in documentation:

  rx_pin: GPIO16
  baud_rate: 9600

    name: "Latitude"
    name: "Longitude"
    name: "Altitude"

then it does not compile and returns error. GPS itself works fine, lat and lon can be seen in log. The error is:

    [latitude] is an invalid option for [0]. Please check the indentation.
    latitude:  [source Documents/blinds-brain-gps.yaml:109]
      name: Latitude
    [longitude] is an invalid option for [0]. Please check the indentation.
    longitude:  [source Documents/blinds-brain-gps.yaml:111]
      name: Longitude
    [altitude] is an invalid option for [0]. Please check the indentation.
    altitude:  [source Documents/blinds-brain-gps.yaml:113]
      name: Altitude

Can someone please advise how to properly declare GPS component and how to use it as location sensor? Thank you very much, Jan

Fixed by upgrade of esphome to 1.18

Yes, changed in 1.18

Would you please share the information on which sensor are you using and maybe a picture of the schematics? Thank you!

Any GPS module that uses the standardized NMEA communication protocol will work.

only the RX pin should be necessary

I read the documentation but I want to know which devices people have used and worked. I don’t want to buy GPS devices and later on find out that they are not compatible with Esphome. It’s always helpful to see pictures and schematics too. Thanks for you feedback.

I used cheapest GPS I could find :slight_smile: Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module with Antenna

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Thanks for the info! I really appreciated it! I am going to order these ones.