Epson Media Player Module Doesn't Provide Method of Authentication for Web UI

Home Assistant release with the issue:

Last working Home Assistant release (if known):

Operating environment (
Running Hassbian on RPi 3 B+


Description of problem:
When attempting to add projectors that require a login for the web UI, this component is unable to control the projectors. I have tested this with Epson Brightlink 455wi, 475wi, 485wi, 575wi, 585wi, and Powerlite 84+projectors. These are all capable of ethernet networking and I can ping the projectors from the HA machine just fine. I can also access the web UI of the projectors from the same subnet as where the HA box resides. I am not using the SSL option. Below is a snippet of configuration in the appropriate section.

The projectors request HTTP authentication upon logging into the Web UI. The default is a username of EPSONWEB with a password of either blank of admin. The Epson module needs to be able to handle this authentication.

Details from Epson’s KB here (not the same model, but similar process):

The HA logs report the following:
“Error message 401 from Epson.
3:35 PM components/media_player/ (WARNING)”

Problem-relevant configuration.yaml entries and (fill out even if it seems unimportant):

platform: epson
name: Test_Projector

Something else I tried:

platform: epson
host: “[email protected]
name: Test_Projector

This did not work, unfortunately.

i get the same with my Epson projector also


If you want to get Epson projector power control support working now in a functional way, here is what I did:

  1. Install PyPJLink on your Linux install of HA

  2. Setup the following for each power control switch to turn the projectors on or off:

  • platform: command_line
    command_on: ‘/usr/local/bin/pjlink -p power on’
    command_off: ‘/usr/local/bin/pjlink -p power off’
    command_state: ‘/usr/local/bin/pjlink -p power’
    value_template: ‘{{ value == “on” }}’
    friendly_name: TestProjector

This allows for projector control to work properly for power. You can also setup automations that changes sources and such. PJLink is powerful and works with multiple projector vendors.

It would be nice if HA just moved to PJLink support and deprecated the Epson component as it will accomplish all of the same, but also works with other projector vendors.