EPSON projector via the serial port

Have an epson projector which is currently controlled via IR (orvibo all in one). Sometimes the IR codes don’t work correctly + don’t have an option to set other parameters. So i was thinking of utilizing a serial port the projector has. At first glance was looking for something like a serial wifi bridge (like HLK RM 04). But than… With a cost of RPi or Orange PC and a usb to serial cable - looks much easier. So what do you think is the best option to go for HA setup?

Highly recommend the Broadlink RM2 pro ! Cheap & easy to use! I use it to control my Optoma projector via IR, VERY STABLE!

Thanks but i want ro move away from IR. It’s close to imposible to set for example picture mode (dynamic, movie e.t.c) via the IR. So it is easier to switch to good old RS232. The only question - which road to go. Raspberry (for example orange pc zero is at 10$ only) or the HLK specialized chip

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I have a Panasonic projector that I’m hoping to do the same thing with.
I’m using serial to CAT 5 adapters like this: DB9 to RJ45 Adapter.
I’ve seen there is an Acer projector component already available.
I’ve looked at the source code but I’m not a coder.
I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

Well still await for feedback - but looks like an Orange PC or some alternative with wifi will be a good start. Than just pass shell commands vis ssh. There is a number of python written projects to control projectors. There is also PJLink implementation in python so having a component like that will support quite a large number of projectors out of the box

Well got all the stuff but seems it’s not that easy to implement. Guess got the wrong usb rs232 converter. It says everywhere it should be a null modem one and i got an ordinary. So ruuning screen /dev/ttyUSB0 gets no result. Pity

If it’s a standard USB to serial adapter, that should work fine.

What id say the document is referring to is a null modem cable also called crossover cable.

Yes. Need the crossed rx/tx lines. But with usb to rs 232 it’s pretty hard to switch them. So just ordered another one. Will write back as soon as receive it

cross over cable is cheaper.
But either way it’s fine.

good luck!

Almost. But you will need a cross over cable and an adapter to connect it (fem-fem). Which will cost the same as getting a new USB crossed adapter ) Marketing on aliexpress…

There are some existing projects (hint, google search

github epson projector

found these, its a great way of finding open source projects for any control topic.)


openhab binding

python stuff

Search will find other things to look at.

A pi or orangepi will be suitable, but I am pretty sure there must be a way of connecting an esp8266 module to serial, which would be cheaper (but harder to develop).

Just received the new adapter. I’ve went through google and not that much of a solutions. So seems running openhab with the serial epson is the easiest way to go. So wonder on the best way to integrate - REST API?

I am using an itach flex for controlling my epson tw6100w projector over IP. I have been using it with simplecontrol with no problems at all. Now I want to switch to home assistant, so i will be looking for responses on this also.

I don’t know how to send the string (any help on yaml configuration would be appreciated).

For what it’s worth, I have been speaking to Global Cache, the makers of ITach flex (they have an IP to serial dongle that I have been using with simple home), and they would be happy to lend assistance to help us to help develop a component.
I see they have GC100 in the components section now, but not the serial modules. I believe if we can get this, it would solve all the problems. The itach flex has been rock solid since i’ve been using it, i just need assistance on the development side. Anyone interested ? or did you get a solution already ? (i too control my epson via serial)

Well for the price they are asking i believe they should just develop the component themselves to boost the sales to HA community

You’re probably right although I paid I think $80 for the flex. If you know of any alternatives that are more HA friendly I’d take a look !?

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Have you seen this?

Looks to support projectors with pjlink over the network.

Take a look at this as well…

if some could add this as a default to home assistant we could all use this with our network projectors.

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Thanks! The pypjlink worked like a charm on optoma!

Did you get it to work with home assistant? or just outside of home assistant?

I now have a switch in HA that updates with correct status. I have the UHD550X.