Epson Workforce Component

Thanks for the Epson Workforce component! Even though it didn’t say it was supported, I tried it outanyway with my Ecotank ET-7700 and it works. I was going to ask to add Photo Black to the monitored ink levels, but I see that’s in progress on GitHub . . . so instead this is just a report that it works on at least my example of EcoTank series in addition to Workforce. I’ll certainly report back when the changes for PB get merged into HA in a future version.

I’ve upgraded to .93.1 and I see the photoblack sensor has been added. Works on my Ecotank ET-7700. Thanks!

(Of course, I had to add photoblack to the monitored conditions values . . . was scratching my head wondering why it didn’t show at first, I forgot I had to specify what to monitor when I first set it up.)

I also noticed after a recent power failure that it’s important to make sure the printer and necessary network infrastructure is up and running before starting home assistant – like many components, the epson workforce won’t try again if it doesn’t succeed at first.

Is there a way to monitor more than one printer?