EPSON Workforce status when the printer is off

I’m using the component with my EPSON WF-2860. It works as expected, but when the printer is off the HASS log reports continuously this warning:

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Platform epsonworkforce not ready yet. Retrying in 60 seconds.

Also, when the printer is off, I can’t see the ink levels.

Is there a way to save the last value and show it until the next time the printer turns on?

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I have the same question, I’m also trying to hide this log, but:

  default: warn
    epsonworkforce: fatal

is not working… I guess I’m using the wrong syntax, any ideas?

Try something like this:

 homeassistant.components.epsonworkforce: fatal

I’ve tried this component some time ago but I ended with some rest sensors because the component doesn’t created the sensors when HA restarts while the printer is offline.

The rest sensors doesn’t save the ink level too when the printer is turned off but you could use MQTT and some automations in order to store the ink levels.

Thanks @dennis84de, unfortunately only

homeassistant.components.sensor: fatal 

seems to work… I guess I might loose some warning about other sensor components, but it’s ok for now.

I like the idea of using REST sensors, even if it is not ideal