eQ-3 eqiva bluetooth doorlock


anyone knows if it’s possible to operate this device via home assistant? http://www.eq-3.de/produkte/eqiva/bluetooth-smart-tuerschlossantrieb.html (Sorry, it’s only available in German to my knowledge)

I don’t think that, as for now, it’s possible. And this being a lock the protocol must be secured, thus, not so easy to decrypt/replicate.

It’s currently not supported. Looking closely at the android app will probably be helpful to add support. It was at least for adding support for eQ-3’s bluetooth radiator thermostat in python-eq3bt.

Would really like to get this lock as well. Was thinking the following to get this working in Home assistant, using an always on android device. Install tasker and the autoinput plugin on the always on android device. Then somehow issue the autoinput commands to tasker via mqtt.

Do you have a spare android device?

I am also looking for a smart lock.
While searching I found out that someone already started to implement an integration for the command line that works with mqtt:

Maybe this is a good starting point for an integration in HomeAssistant?

Any news? Make it works on HA?

use MQTT commands via ESP32 BLE as gateway to Eqiva BLE smart lock
https://github.com/tc-maxx/esp32-keyble or

I create a repo with some fix and addon to the prokect of lc-maxx and lumokitho (and the original keyble library’s author)
You can find it here (there is also a binary)
In my repo there is also a package for home assistant integration and a guide.

There is a known bug:
If esp 32 lost wifi (like router reboot), it doesn’t reconnect and on reboot of esp32 doesn’t reconnect. You need to re-enter to AP on wifi and reconnect.
Some help?

For those still using this solution there is now an ESPHome component available: GitHub - digaus/esphome-components-eqiva

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