Equal card height with custom:ard-modder?

GLANCE CARD ------------------------------------------------ ENTITY CARD

How to make them the same height
Using Card-modder

          - type: horizontal-stack  # Column 1 Line 1
              - type: glance 
                theme: darkmix
                show_name: false
                show_state: false
                  - device_tracker.chris_818
                  - device_tracker.kirefon6ch
                  - device_tracker.iphonex_de_maelle
              - type: custom:card-modder
                  border-radius: 12px
                  type: entities            #next train 
                  theme: darkmix
                    - entity: sensor.next_train
                      name: Next Train to V..
                      icon: mdi:train

height: 150px
you’d have to add it to both cards. Also, choose a number of pixels that you want, just wrote 150 as an example.

Hmmm… that was too obvious. Where are all usable values documented? I could not find a reference. is that generic CSS?

Thanks four your help. That is great.

Yes it’s the devil. I usually point people to google but other users got pissed even though google is the best resource for it. :man_shrugging:

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