Equivalent to Insteon LampLinc Load Sense feature?

I’ve gone from “dabbling” with HA to launched head-first due to having mostly Insteon hardware in my home. Things have gone well, and I’ve recently unified other hardware into HA with great success.

One thing I’m struggling to find (both via search in HA community and wider interwebs) is an equivalent product to Insteon’s LampLinc dimmer/switch plug in module. The main attractive feature for this that I’m not finding in other hardware is the “load sense” feature - if the module is off, and the lamp/load is pysically switched on, the module sense this and toggles the relay on. And likewise, when the lamp is physically switched off, the module sense and toggles the relay off.

Is anyone using something like this from another manufacturer? Any ideas where to find this? Thanks for any help!