Ericsson Technology Licensing Bluetooth integration available?

Anyone know if this Ericsson Technology Licensing Bluetooth works in HA? I have a LED light that currently has a very poor app to control it and thinking its so generic that perhaps it is in HA already? I cant find anything but maybe im searching for it wrong?

I would look at ESPHome, you might get lucky.

Otherwise have a look here how you can reverse engineer it:

I will check out ESPhome i currently dont have any ESPHome devices so will try it. Thanks for the reply!!

Do you have an actual link to the device and/or the app? Just because you haven’t actually specified what device you are talking about. Bluetooth as a technology was invented by Ericsson in 1994. And the Ericsson Technology Licensing was a spin off company of Ericsson for Bluetooth development.

Yeah it’s a 12v 10” diameter pool light. App is called ipoollight but the actual light is called Poolexa and is a very nice bright pool light but the app is awful. Esphome didn’t work for me btw

If you cannot find a Bluetooth solution, then have a look here for a Wifi one:

Ah! I did see that post last year and may need to convert it to WiFi though I have enough Bluetooth signal reaching my home assistant I could use Bluetooth. Thanks again for helping!

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