Error 1000 when trying to add external server address

Hello, I’m completely new to Home Assistant and I’ve gotten everything set up the way I want for now, but I can’t seem to get external access to work with the iOS companion app. I bought a domain from NameCheap and followed this guide to set up a Cloudflare tunnel. I can access my Home Assistant perfectly fine with my new domain when I use a browser (desktop and mobile), but when I add the domain to the home assistant companion app, I get an error that says:

bad URL

Error Code:
NSURLErrorDomain -1000

I have googled around but I can’t seem to find a solution to this issue. Does anyone have an idea for what I can try?? Thank you in advance.

Edit: I exported the log file here: 2024-03-21 18:20:06.995 [Info] > Home Assistant Version: 2024.2 Build: 2024.561 -

The error is coming from Apples iOS and not HA, so you might have to search more generic on the error.

I can find info about error 1001, 1200, 1008, 1009, and others, but I seem to be the only person on the entire internet who’s gotten error 1000!