Error after 0.92 update (This should be fixed in V92.2)

I am getting the following error in the log every time I use the iOS app any suggestions? TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'window.webkit.messageHandlers.externalBus.postMessage')

which version of the iOS app are you using?

Version 1.5.0

can you share your config?
I don’t get these error with either 1.5 or v2 b40
Do you have mobile_app: defined? What about the version of your frontend js?
I use javascript_version: latest

I have javascript_version: latest I also tried auto.
I tried adding mobile_app this morning but the error persists.

It’s not a major issue everything still works just get the annoying log entry :slight_smile:

I have the same. My last error log was at 1:42 AM. I was sleeping at that time so I don’t think it is the IOS App

Do you have the stream component enabled and using the new camera_view: live setting? I believe they might be related.

I do have “stream” enabled but not using the live setting yet.

No I don’t all I have is an mjpeg camera.

Was just about to raise this as an issue!

Same thing happening here. Running iOS 12.2 with app version 1.5. running HA 0.92

Every-time I login or refresh inside the app I get the exact same error in the logs: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'window.webkit.messageHandlers.externalBus.postMessage')

My lovelace front end is auto managed still so not like I have anything custom in there.

I do not have stream enabled.

Tried completely deleting iOS integration, deleting the app, also tried another iPhone - same issue.

That is pretty much what I have done now and still the same the only difference between us is I don’t run

Exactly same issue here
ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201904240] http://XXXX:8123/frontend_latest/chunk.4e658893eb3987694e23.js:1:973 TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘window.webkit.messageHandlers.externalBus.postMessage’)

I have the same error…just posting so I can track any changes.

This is the last error I see before the front end becomes unresponsive. Fortunately I could restart via the CLI. (twice now)

I disabled ffmpg:, and my generic cameras stream config (left still image configs in place) before restarting. So far things seem stable again and no errors.

I have opened an issue:

First issue I have ever raised so hopefully it’s ok and makes sense.

Just on Discord with Robbie. He said it should be fixed in 92.2


Thats good news thanks.