Error after successful Google SDK Integration

I am going a little crazy trying to figure this out. I can use the regular or custom ‘google sdk’ integration and successfully authenticate and integrate it into my home Assistant and Google account.


When I try and pass a command to one of the devices (play country night sounds - bedroom display), I get a general error of… ‘Unknown error’ and obviously it does not play.

I have set up the credentials multiple times, deleted both the integration and API keys multiple times. It just will not pass the command.

Any thoughts?

I am in the same boat! Any help on this one please?

Similar kinds of issues here. Only ‘tell me a joke’ worked successfully. Commands worked, but null responses of course there but also for weather or really any other questions! I can see the activity in My Activity in Google though. Are there just this many HTML responses?

I’d argue that if the response is valid JSON but contains HTML, then it’s not scraping at all to extract the plain text from that field.

I am thinking you may be correct. Something with the way it is being passed though. Frequently I can see it in my Google activity (not always), but it’s as if it then fails processing it. I have essentially put this on pause at the moment, got frustrated enough trying different things that it was time to step back. I am at a loss as it seems it works for others. Maybe with the release of more APIs that Google announced, something will help.