Error Calculating Energy usage?

So last night i configured my Inverter to charge the batteries from 6AM do 7AM.
It worked well but when i got to the energy dashboard something was off:

The energy import should be similar to the energy going into the battery.

Of course i went to the statistics:


and adding the values that were on the statistics from 6AM to 7AM it adds Up to 1.9kWh. Way off from the calculated value (0.5kWh) in the energy dashboard.

On the shelly cloud dashboard it also shows a similar result (1.89kWh).

Tried restarting HomeAssistant, stays the same.

The total Day usage comparing with Shelly Cloud is right, Its just the hourly energy dashboard graph that isnt showing it correctly.

Cant figure out what when wrong here, what im i missing?

not something to worry about. but still…