Error condition or in automation

I have a problem since I want to use conditions or but I get an error and from what I have been able to see to be with hassbian if possible. That means that in they are not compatible or how I could do it to work

Show us the code?

The code that I am using is:

id: atardecer
** alias: Atardecer**
** trigger:**
** - event: sunset**
** offset: -00:45:00**
** platform: sun**
** condition:**
** - condition: zone**
** entity_id: device_tracker.raul_honor8**
** zone: zone.home**
** - condition: zone**
** entity_id: device_tracker.rocio_note4**
** zone: zone.home**
** action:**
** - alias: ‘’**
** data:**
** message: Se han encendido las luces de la lámpara de pie del salón**
** title: Luces Encendidas**
** service: notify.html5**
** - data:**
** brightness: 94**
** entity_id:**
** -**
** rgb_color:**
** - 255**
** - 210**
** - 129**
** service: light.turn_on**

According to him understood the actions will be carried out if the two conditions are met but I would like them to be carried out if any of the two mobile phones was found at home, with what an O clause can be used and I do not know exactly how to do it


- id: atardecer
  alias: Atardecer
    platform: sun
    event: sunset
    offset: -00:45:00
    condition: or 
      - condition: zone
        entity_id: device_tracker.raul_honor8
        zone: zone.home
      - condition: zone
        entity_id: device_tracker.rocio_note4
        zone: zone.home
    - service: notify.html5
        title: Luces Encendidas
        message: Se han encendido las luces de la lámpara de pie del salón
    - service: light.turn_on
        brightness: 94
        rgb_color: [ 255 , 210 , 129 ] 
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thank you very much for answering so fast … I have loaded it and it indicates me unsupported condition: or

you’re like the configuration whisperer… even when there is no formatting!

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esto me indica:


I don’t recognise that screen, but if it’s something to do with the automation ui then I think this is a known issue, you’ll have to put the code in manually.