Error Configuring HACS on Container version of HA -"Report to integration author"

My (new 6 May 2024) Configuration is raspberry pi 5 64 bit debian 6.6.20 install with Docker installed as the Container
Docker used to install HomeAssistant
Followed instructions in
Selected the ‘Container’ tab in and follow instructions with no errors
Rebooted the raspberry pi and relogged in to HA
Followed configuration instructions in
Successfully authorized hacs after github log in
— but back in HA, the Device Registration never gives a ‘Submit’ button and the spinning wheel indicator waits forever.
The error in the log reads:
2024-05-06 19:04:20.064 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.data_entry_flow] custom_components.hacs.config_flow::HacsFlowHandler calls async_show_progress without passing a progress task, this is not valid and will break in Home Assistant Core 2024.8. Please report it to the custom integration author
Is this something I can fix on my system or is this an integration/installation workflow error?