Error configuring notify automation in UI

Dunno if this is a bug or if its me.
When I configure a new automtion in the UI with the action notify, when I am about to type the message I get this error:

I editor is not supported for this config:

  • The value of “data” is not supported by the UI editor, we support “Object” but received ““m””.

You can still edit your config in yaml.

“m” is me trying to type ‘message’ (data in not there when I activate the field).
If I try to save the automation it says, on top of screen:
Message malformed: expected dict for dictionary value @ data[‘action’][0][‘data’]

Is this the case for anyone else?


Getting the same errors

I copied what I wanted to add (for me it was turning a LED a different color - color_name: green)
re-edited the automation and pasted that color_name: green into the box instead of “beginning to type” and it took without errors… HTH

I am having this issue as well. This was not a problem in 113. It seems like it is requiring us to write in JSON for the service data, whereas before, YAML was supported without going to the YAML editor version.

This seems to be a bug.

There is already an issue open on github: