Error connecting mysenssor serialGateway to Bed Occupancy with homeassistant

Hello friends
I am using Mysensor and I use serialGateway. I mean part of the code where data is received from the port.
DEBUG (MainThread) [mysensors] Receiving 0; 0; 3; 0; 5; first
2019-12-26 14:10:38 WARNING (MainThread) [mysensors] Not a valid message: When message type is 3, child_id must be 255 for dictionary value @ data [‘child_id’]
This is my mysenssor configuration

  • device: / dev / ttyUSB0
    persistence_file: ‘/config/mysensors.json’
    name: ‘Bed Occupancy’
    debug: true
    persistence: true
    version: ‘2.3’
    optimistic: false
    I hope your answer,
    Have a good day!

Please read this

I am not sure why someone flagged this as somehow violating community guidelines months after I posted it. OTOH I think the link I posted was the wrong one, but I can’t think what I meant to post now. I probably meant to post the same link as @Tinkerer

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Please read the sticky post which covers a number of things, including how to format code in your post. If you don’t format the code correctly it’s really hard for people to help you.