Error connecting to [any cloud-dependent service]

Since about June 2022, I have found it impossible to maintain connections to any cloud-based service, regardless of the integration.

Though the HomeKit integration is a solid workaround for my ecobee thermostat, there are no such workarounds for things like my Govee lights or VeSync plugs.

From what I’ve been able to figure out from checking the logs, it looks as though my HA instance (up-to-date, running on a Raspberry Pi4, via Ethernet) isn’t able to connect to the outside internet.

But that’s not true, because I have no issues using Nabu Casa when away from my home network.

I also have yet to find any forum posts or discord convos that describe what I’m seeing. Can anyone help me out?

Hi, I just setup a new Home assistant instance on a mini computer (generic x86)
And I am running into the same issue, have you solved it?
Basically also no cloud depending Services available.

Hi @Johetan,
I had the same problem as you and this thread gave me the solution (reinstall not using etcher, but using USBImager, see the post of @Damos ) :

Hope it will help.

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