ERROR ESP requests password, but no password given!

I have a D1 mini and connected to it using ESPhome add-on under HASSIOI by way of USB for the first time. I have a program ready to load using ESPhome but when I try to use OTA under the Upload command it comes up with this error

ERROR ESP requests password, but no password given!
any ideas? Thanks

does anyone know that I can check

did you load the sketch over USB for the 1st time?
you can’t do OTA for the first time, has to be USB
I don’t use i did my install via cli in linux via usb then OTA after that.

In the top right of the web ui for esphome there is the option to use OTA of a serial/usb port. Choose usb port for the first upload.

I already did the USB for the first time, but I had to use a different machine as my HASSio box won’t see the USB. Still keep getting the about error…password thing I think I’ve tried everything. Not sure where it picks up password because I didn’t set one up

Use USB again and make sure you set the ota password properly this time.

I’m trying that right now, I’ll let you know. Thanks for your reply

I was able to connect OTA by setting OTA password, all looked good until I made changes to device which is a D1 mini, I added the IP, Gateway and Subnet and uploaded. So far all good next I made changes, adding GPIO stuff to make the D1 work, then I uploaded I now get this message

ERROR Connecting to failed: timed out

I tried ping the D1 mini’s IP and I get no response it’s not connecting to wifi, it did how ever before I uploaded the last time I was able to ping the D1 mini.

If you are manually assigning an ip make sure it’s not being used by another device. I had this issue. Now i just let mdns take care of it.

I’m using the IP that my router see and assigning the D1 to that. I think some how the wifi is turning off on the board. I’m thinking that after a D1 mini gets flashed it has to do a reset. I’ll look into that procedure because how would the wifi just shut down after a flash. Maybe it stuck in some process