ERROR: Expected a value of type `{entity,name,icon} | entity-id` for `entities.0.type` but received `"section"`

I just ported my configuration from yaml-file to configuration on the UI and so detected the origin of an old error message: the section in an entities card. I checked the documentation but can’t spot what is wrong with it (also it works as expected). The problem is, I can’t use the visual editor for this card.

Here is the configuration:

type: entities
title: Schlafzimmer
show_header_toggle: false
  - type: section
    name: Status
  - type: sensor
    entity: sensor.hm_thermostat_sz_current_temperature
    name: Aktuell
  - entity: sensor.hm_thermostat_sz_target_temperature
    name: Vorgabe (CCU2)
  - entity: sensor.hm_thermostat_sz_valve
    name: Ventil
  - type: section
    name: Einstellungen
  - entity: input_select.sz_heating_mode
    name: Modus
  - entity: input_number.sz_manual_temperature
    name: Manuell
  - type: call-service
    name: Comfort
    action_name: SENDEN
    service: script.lui_thermostat_sz_comfort
  - type: call-service
    name: Eco
    action_name: SENDEN
    service: script.lui_thermostat_sz_eco
  - type: call-service
    name: Aus
    action_name: SENDEN
    service: climate.set_temperature
      entity_id: climate.leq0784643
      temperature: 4.5

Perhaps it is not supported by the UI editor yet. Take a look at the issue below, and the " *Additional information" in that issue. The issue only mentions divider and weblink, but I’d suspect section as well.

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Thank you @freshcoast. I’ve searched for a hint like this for hours before i opened the topic.

Yes, what you are seeing is a warning that the graphical editor does not (yet) support the feature you have used. It is not an error.