Error google TTL before update version 78.1

Hello, update number v0.78 brings many new features but also comes with many unwanted bugs.
More detail:
TTS has ceased to function with an error as the attached image (I have updated to 0.78.1)
The Yeelight lamp disappeared from the control panel in discovery mode, I was forced to add it with the IP address so it reappeared.
I and a few of my friends have encountered the same problem and certainly not the configuration error, hope to have an early update to resolve the above error.
thank you and sorry if my english language is not correct i use google translate to post this.

All my Yeelights disappeared too. Did you find a solution beside adding them manually?

Yes, I add it manually with a fixed ip address, but I also put them on the ignore list of nmap scan

I have a problem where TTS simply stopped working, even on .78.3, the file gets downloaded but nothing is heard, ecepeto for the “blip” on activation of the group.