Error in Check HA Configuration - snapcast

Im on Hassio 0.117.5 and checking configuration for 0.118.3 and getting error.
Supervisor 2020.11.0 and HassOS 4.17

[11:36:02] INFO: Checking your configuration against this version...
[11:48:26] ERROR: The configuration check did not pass!
[11:48:26] ERROR: See the output below for more details.
Testing configuration at /tmp/config
Failed config
  General Errors: 
    - Component error: spotcast - No module named 'pychromecast'

Successful config (partial)

Spotcast installed via HACS integrations. Working on 0.117.5

What must I do before upgrade?

I’ll see the same error when I run the config check against v0.118.4. I can not find anything about this in the changelog of v0.118.4. Does someone know what to do ?

I did the upgrade by trial and error! =)

It works fine after update. No problem with Spotcast